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088 Nighttime Sleep Story for Children with Michelle Smith

Episode Notes

In this episode, Michelle completes her series exploring the different childbirth methods that she teaches: Calm Birth - meditation based childbirth; Hypnobirth - hypnosis assisted childbirth, and The Birth Ease Method - guided relaxation focused childbirth. Over the years parents have shared how much their children have enjoyed listening to the audio recordings as they fall asleep. With this in mind, Michelle shares a special nighttime sleep story for children that she wrote and recorded for a little girl named Ava. 

As a gentle reminder, please avoid listening to this nighttime sleep story while engaging in an activity that requires your or your child’s  full attention. Please stop the podcast and return to it when your child is safely tucked into bed and ready for sleep. Unless your child, or you as the passenger, are listening to this guided relaxation with headphones on, for everyone’s safety never play it while riding in or driving a vehicle. 

This bedtime sleep story is copyright of Michelle Smith and Birth Ease. The background music 'Nature Angels' is used with permission of Eitan Epstein Music and Melody Loops and its licensees.


If you would like a copy of this sleep story, please reach out to Michelle via her website.  Thank you for listening!

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