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086 Hypnobirthing and Calm Birth Meditation- Similarities and Differences with Stephanie Smith

Episode Notes

In this episode of Michelle’s series on Hypnobirth, Michelle invites Stephanie Smith back to the podcast. Stephanie has over 20 years of experience as an E-RYT, PRYT Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and as a student of meditation. Together they have a casual conversation regarding the benefits, similarities, and differences of hypnobirthing/hypnosis and the Calm Birth Meditation practices. 

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“I like to look at the meditation practice as one that is kinda helping to heal at the cellular level, whereas the hypnosis or the hypnobirthing practice is working to heal at that subconscious and that unconscious level. And, there's benefits to both. And you know, it's really, too, about finding what's gonna connect for you in that moment.”—Stephanie Smith

About Stephanie Smith, E-RYT, PRYT:

Stephanie is an Orlando based Yoga Instructor specializing in Pre and Postnatal Yoga. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida and is an E-RYT, PRYT Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her love of Yoga and travel has taken her to Thailand numerous times where she has had the privilege of studying Yoga extensively at Centered Yoga. As a mother herself, Stephanie has an understanding of how the Yoga practice evolves both during pregnancy and postpartum. She strives to create an environment of support for fellow Mothers to know that they are not alone on the beautiful, yet sometimes rocky, journey that is Motherhood. 

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