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080 Calm Parents with Naima Bond

Episode Notes

In this last episode of Michelle's series on the Calm Birth meditation program, Naima Bond shares with Michelle what brought her to Calm Birth and her journey to becoming a Calm Birth Teacher Trainer. Together they discuss the extreme value and flexibility of Calm Birth's Calm Parents meditations for postpartum and beyond. These meditations consist of Calm Parent, Calm with Baby, Breathfeeding, Energy Breathing, and Practice of Healing.  Naima also stresses the importance of parents creating a plan for the postpartum period after the birth.

*As a note, the breathfeeding meditation will soon be available in four different audio guides depending upon a parent's needs &/or preferences: breastfeeding, pumping milk, bottle feeding, and chestfeeding. 

"If you saw benefits while you were pregnant of using the Calm Birth meditations and through labor, then let's make this a part of how you are raising children. Like how beneficial do you think that will be as the children get older to understand and be able to utilize this practice? Especially again, you know, post COVID we have no idea what that world's gonna look like.”—Naima Bond

About Naima Bond:

Naima Bond, M.Ed. has been serving children and families for over 25 years in the area of early childhood and disabilities. She has recently shifted her focus to supporting mothers through the birthing process. She is a certified Birth Doula with the Matron and is also going through her DONA certification. She has been associated with Calm Birth and completed the program in 2017 and then became a Calm Birth teacher trainer in 2019. Naima was brought up with meditation as a child. She learned about Calm Birth through APPPAH and knew it was a practice she wanted to include in her birth business. She supports families in her private practice and is assisting Calm Birth in teaching Calm Birth to other birth and wellness practitioners. She resides in Atlanta Ga. with her sons Mashante and LaParish.



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