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079 Womb Breathing with Adrienne Bergthold

Episode Notes

In this next episode in Michelle's series on the Calm Birth meditation program, Adrienne Bergthold returns to explain the foundational practice of Calm Birth: Womb Breathing. She shares her serendipitous journey of how Calm Birth found her. Adrienne elaborates on the history of Womb Breathing and what distinguishes Calm Birth from other birth meditation practices. She clarifies the benefits of meditation and the ways in which Womb Breathing can assist us to recognize fear when it shows up without identifying with it. She stresses the importance of differentiating mind from awareness. Together they discuss why the practice of Womb Breathing is invaluable for parent and child, and how the practice embodies true self-care. 

"Our children are looking to us for calm. And so, if we don't know how to bring ourselves to calm in this age of anxiety, how will our children know?" —Adrienne Bergthold


About Adrienne Bergthold: 

Adrienne Adrienne Bergthold is a married 53 year old mother of two children, ages 32 and 16 years old. A California native now living in Baltimore, Maryland who has been practicing as a medical massage therapist, yoga teacher, and doula for almost 30 years as well as a Calm Birth teacher-instructor.  Adrienne says, "Teaching about the breath and meditation is the heart and foundation of all I teach, which is why Calm Birth was the perfect fit for me when I found it almost 16 years ago. My love for Calm Birth has only grown more deeply. It is my heart's work to help others live in their bodies and to give birth in loving awareness, in peace, in calm."

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