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078 The Practices of Calm Birth with Anna Humphreys

Episode Notes

In this next episode in Michelle's series on the Calm Birth meditation program, Anna Humphreys shares her journey to becoming the director of Calm Birth and the altruistic vision behind it. Calm Birth is based in advanced meditation traditions of the Tibetan Nyingma lineage. The Calm Birth practices are evidence-based, non-religious, and rooted in ancient wisdom. These practices are grounded in time-tested techniques perfect for these modern times. Together, these practices teach parents to breathe completely, rest deeply, deepen their bond with their baby, and heal themselves and the world. Anna explains two of these foundational Calm Birth practices: Practice of Opening and Giving & Receiving. 

"Because when everything else is in doubt, when you don't know what your birth is going to look like, when you don't know what your support is going to look like during that experience, you'll be able to carry this empowering technique that based in breath, that's embodied into any situation, into any unknown. And that's… the power of Calm Birth in the face of crisis."—Anna Humphreys 


About Anna Humphreys:

Inspired by her mother's birth photography, Anna became a birth doula in 2012, and started teaching Calm Birth around the same time. She worked with private clients as well as on-call as a volunteer in hospitals in Southern Oregon. There, she saw Calm Birth help birth-givers stay connected with their bodies and their babies before, during, and after birth. 

She attended the University of Washington in Seattle for a dual Masters in Social Work and Public Health to focus on learning about systemic racism, the impacts of poverty and inequality on health, and how the climate crisis impacts us now and in the future. At the same time, she was facilitating Calm Birth Teacher trainings, recording new meditations, helping her husband build the app, and running the administrative side of things.

At the end of graduate school, she accepted the position of Director of Calm Birth. She committed to applying what she learned about inequities in the healthcare system to my work in this program. This includes working towards being an anti-racist organization, guaranteeing access to classes, materials, and teacher trainings, and working with other birth-related organizations to approach anti-racism from a systems-level perspective. 

As the child of meditators, she has the felt experience of being connected to her parents during her early days of development. She considers it a high honor to share this experience with tomorrow's children.

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