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077 Calm Birth Meditation with Anna Humphreys, Adrienne Bergthold, & Naima Bond

Episode Notes

In Michelle's series on the Calm Birth meditation program, Michelle chats again with Calm Birth Teacher-Trainer Adrienne Bergthold from last week's episode on breath, Naima Bond Teacher-Trainer, and Anna Humphreys the Director of Calm Birth. Together they share the long-established history of Calm Birth, the medical science behind it, and what the practice has brought to each of them and the families they serve. 

"Meditation is just a practice of being able to recognize when our minds are wandering away, when they're not serving us, when they're not being productive, and to return to this space of awareness where we are connected and centered and where we can see our inner truth and our intuition, if you will."—Anna Humphreys

"I feel like people, especially if you are birthing, are trying to seek something that will restore that calm, will help them focus on their breath, help them keep themselves together, for lack of a better word, just because things are so different. ...People are seeking those tools now more than ever. And I'm just so grateful that I can offer something that can assist them and support them in that way."—Naima Bond

"That's the whole point, right? Is to let our children know we see them. 'Cause we all, at some level, wanna be seen. We wanna be heard, and this is bringing awareness. Every time we breathe into the womb. Every time we have a moment of awareness, our kids are energetically synced into that."—Adrienne Bergthold


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