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076 Breath- How You May Have It All Wrong with Adrienne Bergthold

Episode Notes

Listen in as Adrienne Bergthold shares with Michelle ways in which to have a better relationship with breathing and improve the quality of our breath. She explains the ways in which our breath can become interrupted or restricted, why softening the tension and rigidity within the body is so vital for breath, and why focusing strictly on belly breathing can cause issues.

She reminds us that our nervous system, our brain, and our cells all remember how to breathe, and that ease of breath can begin to come back. Our lungs and our bodies can return to what they know. We can receive the breath and then gently let it go. Adrienne also provides beautiful tips for pregnant people to breathe with their baby in the womb. 

“[With] most people, first of all, there's no movement in the abdominal area. If people are belly breathing they're either hyper-focusing on that to the detriment of any movement at all above, locking down the ribs and the neck, or there's no movement at all in the lower and there's tension, stress, and anxiety which forced the thoracic up, and all that tension up. And, people's breathing is shallow and just superficial chest breathing.” —Adrienne Bergthold

About Adrienne Bergthold: 

Adrienne is a married 53 year old mother of two children, ages 32 and 16 years old. A California native now living in Baltimore, Maryland who has been practicing as a medical massage therapist, yoga teacher, and doula for almost 30 years as well as a Calm Birth teacher-instructor.  Adrienne says, "Teaching about the breath and meditation is the heart and foundation of all I teach, which is why Calm Birth was the perfect fit for me when I found it almost 16 years ago. My love for Calm Birth has only grown more deeply. It is my heart's work to help others live in their bodies and to give birth in loving awareness, in peace, in calm."

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