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003 Ways to Mitigate Stress

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In this third episode, Michelle disc...

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In this third episode, Michelle discusses ways to mitigate stress such as creating a strong support network of friends and family, counseling, journaling, and meditation. She also explains what the relaxation response is and the benefits it provides.  This episode includes a bonus guided relaxation session that helps to create a healing relational field between a parent and their child(ren) that enhances connection and bonding—no matter the age of their baby and/or child(ren).

“If parents counteract the effects of stress by utilizing the relaxation response daily, their babies receive the benefit as well, especially babies in the womb. The baby’s experience of conception through the first year of life forms a template for life. Pre and perinatal psychologists recommend connecting and bonding with your baby while in the womb as a vital way to help protect babies from stress and the rigors of birth.” —  Michelle Smith

As a gentle reminder: This guided relaxation recording audio is for just that, relaxation purposes only. It does not constitute medical or mental health advice or treatment, nor does it imply a specific outcome during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or beyond. Please avoid listening to this guided relaxation while engaging in an activity that requires your full attention. Please stop the podcast and return to it when you can be safely seated or reclining in a supported position. Unless you are the passenger listening to this guided relaxation with headphones on, for everyone’s safety never listen to it while driving or riding in a vehicle.

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